Mick Double Slit Skirt-Oceana Del Rey

Oceana Del Rey is an ambitious little gal! Her intricate rich blue and crisp white pattern draws everyone in. Placed just right, she lines up so well! Drip her in silver pendants and pewter trimmed jewels and gems to really make her dazzle.

Mick is veryyyy popular with the girls and boys around this town. Always struttin her stuff, high-wasted, zip me up and gettttt me out on that dance floor! Slimming, with a solo slit so you can make your Angelina stance and smile at this funny joke. Mick is your summer maxi waiting to happen. With an incredible personality.

*100% Poly
*Side Zipper
*Lined as a Mini Skirt
*Basically Wrinkle-proof. Throw in purse for later recommended

Mary Katherine is 5'7 and she is wearing a small.

*Measurements (length / waist)
*XSmall: 60.75" / 25.5"
*Small: 61.25" / 27"
*Medium: 61.75" / 28.5"
*Large: 62.25" / 30"
*XLarge: 62.75" / 32"